Yoga Bound is a compassionate community, inspiring the art of conscious evolution through traditional yoga. Exploring the relationship between yoga and life, we create a platform for self-reflection, healing and personal growth within a safe sanctuary offering alignment based and therapeutic practices for longevity and ease.

We’ve Moved!

Be sure to come see us at our new location on State Street! Offering an array of time slots and new classes to our schedule, we look forward to evolving into our new studio with you!


Upcoming Events

Sat, Sept 12  //  1 – 3p
Foundational Yoga Workshop

Sept 15-30
September Yoga Challenge $50 for 15 days

Sun, Sept 20// 1-3p
Prenatal Hypnosis Workshop

Oct 2 – Oct 4, 2015
Yoga & Hiking Retreat in Idyllwild

Your Health Is Your Wealth

Our beLiving Well (bLW) programs are a conscious lifestyle choice. Bringing you programs, recipes, education and blogs, we educate and create awareness around nutrition & food for optimal health, wellness and longevity, individually, within our society, and for the future of our planet! Learn more…