Yoga Bound is a friendly community driven alignment based Vinyasa and Yoga Therapy studio located in Carlsbad Village. This craftsman house has been completely converted to a Yoga studio with the intention of allowing our students to feel like they are at home while they practice and learn. With style, character and history, this is the perfect space to take your shoes off, roll your mat out and evolve your Yoga practice!

100hr Yoga Immersion

Are you ready to explore the deeper dimensions of yourself? of your yoga practice? of your voice in this world? If you can answer yes to some of these questions, then this immersion is for you! Learn More..

Upcoming Events

Sat, August 8  //  11:30 – 1:30p
FREE Introduction to Yoga Therapy

Sat, August 15  //  11:30 – 2:30p
Breaking Down The Vinyasa Workshop

Oct 2 – Oct 4, 2015
Yoga & Hiking Retreat in Idyllwild

Your Health Is Your Wealth

Our beLiving Well (bLW) programs are a conscious lifestyle choice. Bringing you programs, recipes, education and blogs, we educate and create awareness around nutrition & food for optimal health, wellness and longevity, individually, within our society, and for the future of our planet! Learn more…