Rates + Class Descriptions

Alignment Therapeutic Conscious-Based Yoga Studio in Carlsbad, CA


Single Class | $18

1 Month Unlimited | $100

Class Card Packages
5 Class Card | $65
10 Class Card | $120
20 Class Card | $200

Yoga Bound Memberships

12-Month Unlimited Auto Pay l $69.99 (20% off retail)

6-Month Unlimited Auto Pay l $89.99 (10% off retail)

20% discount for all seniors, students, teachers, and military*

*Additional discounts do not apply for Auto-Pays or Specials

*only one discount per purchase, please

At Yoga Bound we offer high quality Vinyasa, SmartFLOW®, Gentle, Restorative and Yoga Therapy classes. Whatever class you come to, our goal is for you to feel your body move, breathe and be present so that peace and awareness can be taken with you, off the mat, and into your life.

Level 1 (Beginner)

Level 2 (Intermediate)

Vinyasa Yoga

A 75 minute class that is designed to flow from one posture to another connected to the breath for a transformative and balancing effect. Each class is sequenced creatively and mindful to accommodate men and women of all ages and skill levels. Vinyasa literally means “clearly articulated points to get to a certain destination”. The teachers cues are clearly stated to get the practitioners from one posture to another with the breath, building heat in the body and cooling down to leave you feeling cleaner, lighter, and at peace from the
inside out.

Yoga Therapy

Healing, living without pain, and maintaining a sustainable Yoga practice evolves from conscious movement techniques. This class is teaches you to intelligently move your way through Yoga. By understanding how the body is supported in Yoga, this will translate to supporting healthy movement habits in your life. It is taught by a certified Yoga Therapist, and is designed to connect you with your internal mechanisms of support. You will learn how to turn the lights on inside while moving through a comprehensive Yoga class that will leave you feeling reconnected, stretched and restored. This is a great class for everyone: beginners, advanced Yogis, and those who are looking to heal aches and pains.

SmartFLOW® Yoga

Smart, deliberate and intelligent sequencing, this method of yoga, created by master yoga teacher, Annie Carpenter in LA, concentrates heavily on alignment, strength building and pranayama (breath control). FLOW-ing fluid movements coupled with classical yoga and modern anatomical breakdowns, help the practitioner move from a place of freedom and ease.This practice is designed to deepen one’s dharana (concentration) with mindful intent and intelligent somatic awareness.

Gentle Yoga

A mellow Yoga practice that combines breath awareness, restorative as well as fluidly moving through postures with ease and soft strength. This class is meant to unwind your day with ease and relaxation against the background of a mellow playlist and candle-lit ambiance. Suitable for beginners and seniors.

Restorative Yoga

In Restorative Yoga, the body is put into comfortable, supported positions with gentle attention directed towards the breath. This allows deep relaxation and rest. During deep relaxation there is no movement, no effort, and the brain is quiet. There is reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, and a deep feeling of ease, love, and peace. More benefits include improved digestion, reduced blood pressure, relieving insomnia, and reducing general fatigue. Restore health and vitality to your body and mind. Great for beginners and/or seniors.

Follow the Yogi

A Vinyasa based practice combining breath awareness and evolution of practice. This is a more challenging class, as the teacher practices with you the flow he/she would do for their own practice. You will be following along as the instructor leads the class and does every posture with the students. There will be challenging postures included as well as a playful, adventurous fun.

Yoga Bound Recess

A challenging, playful and very explorative intermediate to advanced yoga practice offered the last Friday of each month. This class is practiced in a warm room (80-85 degrees). Do you remember “recess” as a kid? It was all about playing, building heat, smiling, and going with the flow. Yoga already teaches us theses things if we choose to tap into them; this 90 minute class is designed to deepen into that expression even more while gaining additional strength, mindful flexibility and proper anatomical awareness to play in arm balancing and inverted poses. Each month will focus on something different and the emphasis will be on arm balances and inversions of all kinds.

$5 Community Lunch Flow

This $5 community class is designed for those who want a mid-day movement break. Perfect lunch time hour flow, this is a Vinyasa Flow class suitable for beginning-intermediate students. Feel free to drop in!