About Yoga ( Bound )

Yoga Bound is an alignment focused Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Therapy studio located in Carlsbad Village. This craftsman house has been completely converted to a Yoga studio with the intention of allowing our guests to feel like they are at home. With style, character and history, this is the perfect space to take your shoes off, roll your mat out and evolve your Yoga practice.

We are a boutique Yoga studio, which means you get the personalized attention and support your Yoga practice craves.

We offer a full and consistent schedule of intellegent, energetic, and affordable Vinyasa alignment flowing conscious classes taught by some of the best teachers in San Diego. Our goal is to make sure that classes taught here are accessible to men and women of all ages and levels.

Whatever your Yoga goals are, Yoga bound is a sanctuary where you come to be present, and practice Yoga in a happy, healthy, stress free environment. We invite you to make yourself at home and take your time here, whether before or after you practice to relax in our outdoor, fresh air space.

Come, be inspired, move your body and breathe easy as you “Shine Bright” at Yoga Bound!

About Yoga Bound Teachers!

Alana Bray Barrey

Alisha Welch

Anne Marie Kay

Jean Christophe Haskell

Kristina Kuzmich

Louise McDougall

Phebi Foli

Shelly Scott

Stephanie Fenske

Summer Athena Fah

Victoria Klein