beLiving Well Basics by Yoga Bound

Wanna learn more about our beLiving Well Program we offer every season? Our retreat company did an awesome write-up about our Program, and much of it will be implemented in our Santa Teresa Costa Rica Retreat this March 12-18!


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beLiving Well Basics by Yoga Bound

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Alana and Kristina of Yoga Bound are the ultimate health gurus. Not only do they own and operate (respectively) one of the coolest yoga studios in Carlsbad, CA, they offer popular mind body cleanses for their community. The beLiving Well Program is created by both women and gives followers a chance to hit the reset button on lives to reinvigorate and rejuvenate every aspect of the human being.


Alana and Kristina are currently hosting a cleanse locally, but they sent us the program so that we could participate remotely from NYC! We’re psyched to be included in this awesome program and wanted to share some of the fundamental points with you, our readers.

Alana and Kristina are leading our Boho Beach Chic Costa Rica Retreat March 12-18, 2015 and will be sharing some of their recipes/cooking techniques with our guests on this trip. This is the ultimate mind body learning experience and we cannot wait for our guests to experience this unique opportunity!


Living Daily Health

Just as we practice yoga, our health can be looked at as a practice too! The beliving Well program is designed to help you embark upon your health as a daily practice. Therefore, in addition to changing your daily food intake, you will be asked to cleanse your whole body in a very well-rounded and holistic way by integrating daily meditation, journaling, yoga, connecting to nature and increasing your heart rate though some form of cardiovascular exercise.


A daily meditation is very beneficial to implement into your life. It offers up a time slot throughout your day to check in with yourself and to truly listen. Schedule a time everyday (if you can the same time each day) to participate in 10-20 minutes of meditation.


Yoga has many benefits these include but are not limited to creating space in your day, becoming aware of your mind-body connection, increase your breathing and circulation, promote digestion, remove stagnation, physical strength and flexibility and overall well-being. It is suggested to practice yoga 2-3 times a week as a basic practice and 3-5 times a week for deeper transformation.


Writing down our thoughts gives us the ability to put them out there and see ourselves more clearly. This program is all about getting clear and learning our own attachments and self-limitations, therefore, journaling is highly encouraged. You can even combine this with your daily meditations; perhaps, journaling after your meditation and writing what comes up.


Often, we get so busy with our daily lives, driving, working, scheduling family/friend/work events, running errands, etc that we forget that we are nature itself. We embody nature in every way possible. Thich Nhat Hanh encourages us to reconnect to ourselves by seeing ourselves as nature. A first step in doing that is getting back outside without technology – no cameras, no phones, no computer, just you, your breath and the great mother earth. Add in 10-20 minutes of daily nature time – this can be eating your raw salad outside alone with no technology and/or taking a long hike, or playing in the ocean, or watching the sunset.


In addition to your yoga practice, we encourage you to do something for your cardiovascular health – walking, running, working out, etc. This whole foods program will not deplete the body. You will be surprised with how much energy you will have. It is suggested that you work-out 2-3 times per week in some form of exercise.

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Self Care


Every season at Yoga Bound we host our beLiving Well 12-day clean eating program for optimal health and wellness. In this program you are fully guided through the process of eliminating parts of your diet that may not be serving you: Meat, dairy, processed foods, refined sugar, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, and most oil. In addition we guide you through the introspective work with guided mediations and daily emails and journal topics. Overall this is a self-care healing time for you so that you can be the best you and manifest the relationships and experiences you desire.

Here is a preview of our emails we send daily, and some of the things we hope that will inspire you on your healing journey.

“Self-love manifests the relationships and experiences we desire”
-Jennifer Kass
Hello lovely programmers! 
Happy day 5 of the program. While I don’t want to tell you how you are feeling or what to expect, I do want to let you know that this part is usually the begginning of feeling in your body, mind and spirit the benefits of eating clean. It is incredible the relationship we have with food. The manner in which we nourish ourself is an important metaphor for the way that we nurture everything in our life. From carefully selecting fresh, organic, high quality food, to the way we put it in our bodies with mindful attention can reveal many things about the care we put into other areas of our life. If we don’t put much care into the food we eat, where it is from, how it is prepared and most importantly, what is in it, how is that a microphone for how we treat ourselves and expect others to treat us?
The time that we are taking for these 12 days is a gift to the well being of our life and all our relationships. Food is a huge part of the program because everything we eat makes up the cells of our life. If the food is not clean, our cells, our genetic makeup will not be either. If our cells are not healthy, our systems and our thoughts will not be clear and providing for us as well. Aside from the food, meditation and journalling allow us to reflect, write down and hold space for everything that comes up. By adding in this goodness into our lives, we begin to crowd out the bad, destructive behaviors. We are learning the highest form of self care. The foundation of self care is love. Through this program we are learning how to love over again. Not that the way we loved before was wrong, we are now evolving to a higher and more pristine form of love. Whatever reason we came into this program, the basis of what we are learning is self-care, self-recognition, self-understanding and loving kindness. This way we can can manifest the relationships and experiences we desire.
1. What is the most loving kind thing you will do for yourself today that you are looking forward to?
2. What comes up when thinking about how you should be treated? What is the earliest memory you have about being mistreated? Do you still hold onto it?
3. If today was all about treating yourself the way you would want others to treat you, what would your day look like? What would you do, what would you think, how would you feel about yourself?
We hope that you have an incredible day filled with lots of love and kindness towards yourself and others!
Kristina + Alana
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Happy FULL MOON/ SuperMoon in Pisces September 8th 2014

Thank you Mystic Mama from Follow her site….she is awesome!




FULL MOON ~ SUPERMOON ~ HARVEST MOON bringing the deep and feminine waters of Pisces to cleanse our emotional realms. There is potential for deep healing.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights form the most tuned in readers of the planetary bodies. First from the insightful Divine Harmony:
“This Full Moon is…what I am calling a waterworks Full Moon!
“The Moon in any of the water signs is already very emotional, sensitive and receptive- but I would argue that Pisces is the most sensitive of all the signs…”
“With the Full Moon in Pisces we have a heightened sense of sensitivity- which could bring us to the point of bliss or to the point of pain and suffering.
“If you find yourself in tears leading up to this Full Moon- now you know why. (I think crying is good- it helps you to release all that you are holding onto.)
“Moon conjunct Chiron is a very heavy aspect. There is wounding and pain around emotions, being supported, nurtured and being contained. Since Pisces is the sign of vast consciousness- there is simply no way to put a container around all that it feelsand experiences!
“This Full Moon can bring up some deep psychic stuff around childhood, the past and/or the shadow. Looking at any wounds and pain (or denial) we have around codependency, enabling, addiction, victimization or playing the martyr is key right now.
“To add to this on Thursday 9/4 Chiron was perigee- which means his orbit was closest to earth. Whenever planets (or planetoids) are closest to earth their energy is felt more palpably- and so this amplifies the sensitivity and woundedness in the air right now.
“…can unearth stuff we did not see or did not want to see- particularly stuff around anger. If we have been repressing it or holding in for a while- watch out! This Full Moon chart could pop the lid of all that repression- which can be great for release but could also wreak a bit of havoc in your life if you don’t express that anger consciously!
“The Full Moon also forms a Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Juno in Cancer. This sweet watery alignment supports healing and cleaning of the karmic past in relationships and commitments in our lives…if we can tap into Saturn in Scorpio and our ability to navigate the shadow, as well as juno in cancer and our ability to attend to the relationships that mean the most to us- then this Full Moon can be fruitful.”
“…with so much Jupiter all over this Full Moon chart (sextile Sun and Mercury, square Saturn, trine Uranus, quincunx Pluto, quincunx Chiron/Moon- with a 3rd yod being formed by Jupiter/Pluto/Chiron/Moon!)- there is a hugely expansive, expressive energy present. So work with it! Be grateful, give thanks, see the Bigger Picture, think positive.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Divine Harmony All Rights Reserved.
 From the wise Cathy Pagano from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“This Pisces Full Moon is another super Moon—closest to the Earth, bigger than usual, more energizing.  If you live by the ocean, the tides will be higher, bringing the magic of the ocean closer to our consciousness…”
The magic of Pisces is the magic of the Heart.  The Sufis believe that the Heart is an ocean and the body is its beach.   Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Wisdom, arose from the ocean waters and came to shore as Love, which is our blessing and our heritage.  Pisces is the World’s Heart and Aphrodite’s love arises from the Source of Life, flowing through the body, engaging the heart and mind and filling us with spirit.
“When we actually sense what our hearts are feeling, we understand the quality of the moment.  Russ Hudson, co-author of The Wisdom of the Enneagram1, says that the ‘heart tastes what the moment is all about’.  The heart brings us the quality and texture of the moment.  
“The heart is the knower of truth, not the mind.  The mind presents us with possibilities and choices, but the heart knows the truth.  Being in touch with our heart tells us the quality of our existence, the truth of who we really are.
“The heart brings us a sense of the preciousness of life and the present moment.  The heart feeds the soul, and truth is the heart-food we most need.  What is your truth?  Who are you really?  What are you being called to be and do?  
“Each year we get to harvest our experiences, so we can continue to weave the tapestry of our lives.  Virgo brings it all together and makes it coherent.
“…the Blessed Virgin Mary is a good example of a Virgo/Pisces goddess figure.  As virgin, she alone gave birth to the savior.  As Great Mother of all, she is the source of compassion for all our suffering…Mary also has a sacred heart—a heart full of love and compassion.  The ancient Mother is calling to us, wanting to lead us home to that place of calm and peace that we all long for.  The way there is through the heart.”
“…The Great Moon Mother shares with us an awareness of the woundedness of our world and asks our Virgo self, what we intend to do about it.   Once we remember our inner Spirit, we are compelled to open ourselves to our spiritual destiny.
“It is time to dispel the illusion that we are separate from each other and from the Earth.  Pisces teaches us we are all One, just as we are individuals. The question this Pisces Full Moon poses us is why did we incarnate at this moment of human history?  Is it to continue feeding the corporate machinery of patriarchy, or is it to dive deep within our humanness and remember our responsibility to Life.”
“…The ongoing Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn connects with Mercury and Pallas Athena in Libra.  Pallas Athena united with Mercury symbolizes the creative intelligence we need to solve our problems.
“Uranus opposite these two energies opens our intuition and can guide us to new perceptions concerning social justice (Libra) that can counter our continuing racial, gender and sexual prejudice.    Pluto squaring these two energies uses the power of ideas to transform reality.
“…We are being asked to make a choice.  Will we continue with our old ways of being in the world or will we trust our hearts to know the truth, so that our minds can listen and find us a way through the darkness to a new dawn?”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Cathy Pagano  All Rights Reserved.


From the inspired Kelley Rosano:
“The Pisces Moon is in a harmonious energy flow with Saturn and Pluto. This can open the door to greater abundance in your life…The abundant life includes love, joy and well-being…We also need to feel strong and effective. This requires self-mastery.
Be the captain of your ship. Be the master of your destiny. Your power lies in how you take care of you. You want to love your Self more than the need for other people’s approval. Otherwise, you are giving your power away to forces outside of you. People and situations that you have no control over, this makes you feel bad about yourself.
“When you live from the outside, you can end up at the mercy of other people. Lost and confused. This is the dark side of Pisces. When you are empowered, you live from your authentic self, from the inside-out. You are proactive. You are empowered. You are using your resources wisely…” 
“There is more good news here. The Pisces Full Moon is coupled with Chiron…This supportive healing energy can empower your own deep healing. You can heal old wounds. You could experience a liberating healing in September…Your pain and suffering hold great value. It makes you compassionate. Your struggles are there on your path to make you great. They empower your self-mastery.” 
© Copyright 2014 ~ Kelley Rosano All Rights Reserved.


From the wonderful Patricia Liles from The Power
A feminine Pisces Full Moon draws us into oneness and compassion, sensitizes us to the subtle realms of feeling and being while dissolving any separation from our own true nature.Surrender is the portal to the garden…”
“Further blessings in this Full Moon chart come from the Full Moon/Chiron being one point of a Grand Trine in water with Vesta 16º and Juno 16º.
“Vesta is our inner spiritual fire that we focus and dedicate first and foremost to our own inner work, sublimating the heat of kundalini energy to discovering our selves at our deepest core, resting in our powerful connection to Spirit…
“This Grand Trine with Moon/Chiron, Juno and Vesta, empowers the reemergence of our feminine consciousness. Let Chiron help release anything you have created in fear and still carry, and recreate your life with the help of the feminine expression of the asteroids so generously gifted with ease and grace here at Full Moon…”
“Neptune, ruler of Pisces, is opposite Venus. As quick moving Venus sees her reflection in Neptune, Pluto and Chiron between Sept. 10-17, we have an opportunity to deeply love and forgive ourselves. Valuing yourself as the son or daughter of Spirit is a very good practice (Inner smile) and is the prelude to moving into higher centered consciousness.
“Our other fleet-footed messenger, Mercury, will be triggering the Uranus/Pluto square between Sept. 9-13 putting us in touch withcommunicating our deepest truth.
“We are speeding along to Equinox now on September 22. Change is in the air on so many fronts. But one thing is for sure, Love is all there is.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Patricia Liles All Rights Reserved.


FULL MOON Blessings!
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Why Indulge in a Yoga Retreat?

unnamedBy Alana Bray, Owner of Yoga Bound

When you travel, you are present. You have been looking forward to this since it was planned, and now you are here. There is no where else you would rather be. Yet a lot of times after travel, we need a vacation from your vacation. Although you were present, taking care of yourself, and those you love abroad can be exhausting. On a Yoga retreat you are completely taken care of. All you have to do is book the reservations and we take care of the rest. This is when the magic happens.

Combining two of the most amazing things: Travel + Yoga is life enhancing. Practicing Yoga in a beautifully inspiring setting is like taking an entire week to learn to love yourself over and over again. In our Yoga practice we learn to open ourselves up to receive goodness. In this open, and relaxed body we get to connect to pure beauty; this expansive, vast palpable nature and the raw indulgence of the present moment.

Practicing Yoga activates the body and mind connection by clearing channels that stagnate and block this relationship. Practicing and amplifying this union in this impeccable setting magnifies your receptivity to the healing effects of Yoga. It opens a space in you that willingly absorbs and intimately feels the pulse of aliveness in you. Yet when you leave your retreat, the impact of connecting so wholly (HOLY) with your mind/body/spirit experience, never leaves you, just leaves you yearning for more. The work then is to be able to find this intensity of sweetness and beauty in your everyday life. And we will teach you how.

Join Alana & Kristina in a Costa Rica paradise March 12-18, 2015 for some wellness adventures in the salt, sand & sun! Register with a friend before September 1 and receive $500 off! For more information and registration follow this link:

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Meet the Yoga Bound Girls!

For retreat information, please visit:


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Meet the Yoga Bound Gals!

By paraisoadventures

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We are beyond excited today because we have some really amazing news to share! Our news is so exciting, it’s three-part:

  1. We’re offering a brand new retreat! The boho-chic, beachfront Casa Cecilia in Costa Rica is the newest addition to our roster of dream destinations. The retreat page is hot off the press — aka it’s literally just been added to our website. This location is to die for! Waterfalls, howler monkeys, beachfront location, fresh pressed juices, smoothies, Aruveyda cooking techniques…need I say more?!
  2. Yoga Bound (one of our all-time favorite studios) is teaming up with us to lead this Casa Cecilia, Costa Rica tropical wellness retreat March 12-18, 2015.
  3. Since we’re over the moon (super moon??!), we’re offering up a promo! Save $500 when you reserve a double or group suite when you book by Sept. 1!

Are you as excited as we are?!


Now that we’ve told you a little bit about where we’re going, let’s get into who is coming! That’s the most important part after all, right? The girls of Yoga Bound are California cool and all about their community. They love to host events, community cleanses and really encourage making yoga available to everyone open to a lifestyle of happiness and health.

AlanaAlana is the owner of Yoga Bound, a Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher and a Holistic Health Counselor. She obtained her Yoga Therapy Training at Loyola Marymount University Yoga Therapy Rx program. In this program is where Alana met her teacher, Sherry Brourman. For two years, Alana worked in a clinical internship program studying under Sherry and assisting her Yoga Therapy classes in Los Angeles. Alana received her training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition‘s cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program. During this training, she studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. Alana’s education has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health.

kristinaKristina, Yoga Bound’s studio manager, is a Holistic Wellness Coach & Teacher, Certified SmartFLOW® Yoga Teacher, 200hr E-RYT affiliated with Yoga Alliance, Certified Massage Therapist, the studio manager at Yoga Bound, a passionate being driven by community, inquisition and growth and a natural born leader.She lives in the beach town of Cardiff/Encinitas. A proud ambassador for lululemon athletica, Manduka and Ahnu, Kristina teaches weekly SmartFLOW® yoga classes, restoratives, meditation, workshops, leads health and wellness programs, and host local and international yoga retreats.

A lover of nature, food and spreading the awareness of conscious evolution, Kristina enjoys hiking, snowboarding, rock climbing, surfing, cooking and all things dark chocolate!

We have so many awesome things planned for this trip, from a stand up paddle board tour to a Caribbean dance class. Stay tuned for next week’s Travel Tuesday, when we’ll share more details of what Yoga Bound in Costa Rica, and why you obviously must join!

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Happy FULL MOON SuperMoon in Aquarius August 10th 2014!


By  Sarah Varcas from her
“If we attend to painful feelings with a mind and heart that feeds off the drama and identifies with the pain then yes, our attention is problematic.
“If, however, we bring to painful feelings or issues a softened heart, a compassionate perspective, patience, insight and a desire to know the nature of pain so deeply that we actually know it right through and out the other side into freedom, then our attention becomes the path to liberation.
“We don’t have to look away from what hurts or what appears negative. This merely pushes it into the shadows ready to return another day. We can look at it, sit with it, feel it, fill it with compassionate awareness and, ultimately, heal it.
“Any inner resistance encountered at the time of this Moon provides a clue about where to focus our attention. If we can bring to it a penetrating awareness and a questioning attitude we can begin tounwrap the core beliefs which keep that resistance in place…”
“Thus healing begins through the application of gentle awareness and willingness to neither flinch nor falter in the face of our inner pain:compassion and endurance in equal measure lead us out of the labyrinth of mind and emotioninto the light of clarity and wisdom.”
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You are Provided For

By Alana Bray, Owner of Yoga Bound

Phebi in Upward Facing Dog!

Phebi in Upward Facing Dog!

Trust the timing of your life. There are no mistakes. These two sentences can diminish all the fear in your life. The universe; this magical, infinite source of love, power, abundance is yours and has always been yours. All it requires is faith, acceptance and gratitude to receive its infinite flow. Although difficult at times, life will present you with the lessons you need in the exact moments you need them. And guess what? If you continue believing with steady consistency in the unlimited supply of continuous support you have from the universe, you will get through each and every lesson and come out stronger and equipped to face your next lesson.

In the book The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, he talks about an abundant source of energy. This is the same source from which you are provided for. Energy is unlimited: Every thought, every emotion, every word and every movement is energy. We can use this energy, provided by the universe of which we are a part, to feed fear and close us off, or increase love and creativity, which opens our heart. When our heart is open, the more energy and abundance will flow to us. Faith, love, acceptance, patience, gratitude, giving and positivity perpetuate openess. Of course there are those challenging experiences, where we are  presented with a choice to either close or hearts, or keep them open and trust in the timing of our life. As Michael Singer says “Do not let anything that happens in your life be important enough that you’re willing to close your heart over it”.

Respect each situation as it is presented to you. Rather than attacking it aggresively (which can contract and close our energy), honor each experience as it comes and deal with it. Be patient and let the universe make the first move. If you are open, you will see signs showing the way

. “It is the gentle and consistent wind blowing in the same direction that creates the greatest change”.

Stay open, positive and receptive. You are always provided for.


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The substructure of Ahimsa//Non-Violence

By Alana Bray, Owner of Yoga Bound

tumblr_lxq10l80no1qkkvypo1_500According to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, living ethically is the first step on the Yoga path. The Yoga sutras outline 5 ethical codes of conduct, or Yamas. This universal vows are imperative to live a fulfilled life as well as benefit society,  The first Yama Ahimsa, or non-violence,  lays the foundation for all other Yamas, and therefore is the groundwork of our Yoga Practice.

Kindness and non-violence starts not by how you treat others, but how you treat yourself. Our Yoga practice is the microphone for our life. How we treat ourself in our practice is how we treat ourself and others in our life. The premiss of kind and sincere treatment towards ourself depends on this substructure of our Yoga practice:

  • Respectful and consistent attention the moment the practice begins
  • Yogic Breath: Long, slow, deep, calm, gradualized, symmetrical breath. Each one is important and depends on your attentive presence. This breath can both stabilize and soften everything in you when you are present with it.
  • Balance of effort and ease.

When we have this infrastructure to our practice, it places awareness of ahimsa in that moment. When your attention displays deep admiration, it is in its nature seeing, magnifying and perpetuating kindness in all areas where that attention is placed. There is no way to have a violent, stress inducing or toxic thought in the same moment  the breath is Yogic. Knowing the balance of effort and ease is important in our spiritual practice and in our physical asana practice. Through our attention on our breath, we can notice the quality of our efforts. If there is not a balance, there will be no ease in our efforts; our mental state as well as our movements will be abrasive. We want to go with grace to the right place in our practice everyday. We want to have effort enough to keep our attention, but ease enough to keep our breath and fluidity. If we are too deep in a pose, or transitions are jagged, we have lost our breath, attention and balance, and therefore the substructure of Ahimsa in our practice.

Once we commit to this underlying structure of kindness in our Yoga practice, we have done the important work of regulating the violent thoughts, words and actions that have the potential of violating our ethical code. Off the mat, our Yoga practice is shifting the violent habits that we might have in all aspects of our being. For example, what goes through your mind when a smoker sits next to you? Your thoughts towards the situation can be just as toxic as the cigarette.

Much of our Yoga is perfecting the practice of Ahimsa as all the other ethics are subsumed in it. Remember, Ahimsa is forgiveness, true strength, clarity, kindness and above all LOVE. May we use our Yoga practice to exemplify this in our life.


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Listen to Expand the Good

By Alana Bray, Studio Owner

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset“By listening we become masters”. I have been inspired by this quote in my teachings this week. When it comes down to it, our Yoga practice (which is a microphone for our life) is most successful when our ability to be receptive to the moment becomes fundamental. We are not listening to one thing, but everything. Every sound around us, we are aware of as part of the experience. At the same time, we hear the sound of our breath as our internal life and streamline of aliveness and presence now. Amidst it all, we are listening to and continually engaging with our own energy. When we listen to everything, it makes up this experience. We immediately put ourselves into a position of calm, present receptivity to what we give and receive. In this moment of listening, immediately all our actions will support the greater good.

In our Yoga practice, i.e; our life,  are we acting from a place of listening to everything as a way to support the goodness we will attract to this moment? Do we have a moment of pause, of grace before everything we do because we are listening? When we move into a pose, are we listening to the teacher, to the breath and to our internal energy as we are transitioning or even holding? If so, we are in the moment. And more than in the moment, we are mindful, and in that calm mindfulness we are creating a sense of expanded awareness that promotes and supports the benefit we will receive Now.

By listening to everything we become masters of the expanded sense of increase we give and receive. And this is a practice. By no means am I a master of this.


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Tune into the Infinite Flow

By Alana Bray

tumblr_lqg9k4g06y1qcopsao1_500You know you are reading a good book when you can’t stop thinking about it, and ways that you could apply it to your life. For me, that book is In Tune with the Infinite by Ralph Waldo Trine. I am only 1/4 of the way through and I already feel the need to write about it. Written over a century ago, this book is a must read for those who want to strengthen their connection with the “infinite flow” in order to enjoy a free-flow of abundance, positivity and personal intuition.

Trine talks about knowing and fortifying your relationship with the abundant energy of the universe, our infinite source. The degree to which your connection with the infinite flow is strengthened, is the degree to which you will receive and manifest infinite potential to your life.

Our greatest tool in uniting us to the infinite energetic resources of the universe is our mind. Fear and worry are two of the most powerful ways to shield your life from the infinite flow, whereas trust, optimism and love are the greatest ways to magnetize abundance into your life. The degree to which fear and worry come into your life, is the degree to which they will shield you from all the goodness. Connecting this philosophy to our Yoga teachings, the Yoga Sutras say that if something is not working, do the opposite. Clearly fear and worry do not work for us in this philosophy. Part of the practice is noticing the negative, fearful thought patterns and immediately replacing that thought with a positive, trusting and open thought. Enough of that, and you will redirect your negative habits towards positive habits succinct with the infinite flow.

Our Yoga practice itself is an infinite flow; it is ever evolving, and some might even say lifetimes of evolution. Like a lotus flower keeps blossoming from an infinite source, so does our practice and so does our life. As we practice, we tune into this infinite flow through presence. Connecting to the present moment, feeling the soft embrace of devotion in our presence, expands and opens our consciousness towards abundance like a magnet. Feeling our breath inside our body, connects our mind and body to this flow. No more fear or worry as long as our breath is long, slow, deep and calm. When we are present we are limitless; there is no before, there is no after. There is space. It is in the spirit of this space that we become infinite.

May we use our Yoga practice to be In Tune with the Infinite.

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