Prenatal Yoga Flow Workshop

With Rachele D’Amato::Sunday, June 8, 12-2 p, $30



This two hour workshop will take you on a journey of strength and connectivity! Through guided mediation, introduction of special breathing techniques, and modifications that help you maintain a consistent Yoga practice, you will prepare your fruitful bodies to be connected and strong. You will be guided through a Vinyasa practice perfect for expecting mamas that will open your hearts and your hips! Joining like-minded Goddess Warriors, you will be able to practice together and share energy with women in all stages of pregnancies, as well as be able to take home a practice that supports the growing life inside you, prepares you for the welcome of your child and promotes strength, balance, focus and LOVE!

Rachele D’Amato was born and raised in Southern California. She has been practicing yoga since childhood and her physical practice continues to shape the way she lives her life. Rachele has completed over 400 hours of yoga teacher training. Although she knew from a young age that she wanted to teach yoga, her journey into the healing arts began in 2007. Guided by her pregnancy, she is now teaching the practice of Hatha Prenatal Yoga. Her focus is to provide a warm and nurturing space for people to experience a deeper connection in their practice and with child.

Sunday Yoga Philosophy Study

Sunday, June 8,  4:30-6:30pm with Dr. John Casey l $20


Every Second Sunday of the Month. This Sunday, May 11 we will study the Bhagavad Gita


The second Sunday of every month is dedicated to our study of Yoga Philosophy. Taught by John Casey, PhD.,each two hour meeting will focus on one important and essential ancient Yogic text. In this discussion, we will summarize the key ideas and philosophies detailed in the text, why these ideas were so influential to the Yoga traditions, and how these ancient philosophies can relate to our modern life. The discussion will be 90 minutes followed by a 30 minute healing tibetan bowl meditation.

Dr. John Thomas Casey completed his graduate studies in Asian and Comparative Philosophy at the University of Hawai’i in 1996 and has taught courses in World Religions, Buddhism, and Sanskrit studies at numerous colleges in Southern California since 2000, including Loyola Marymount University, UCLA, UC Irvine, and presently at Chapman University. He has taught in the Yoga Philosophy certificate program since its inception in 2002, including Sanskrit language and textual studies of the Yoga Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, and Samkhya Karika. In recent years, he has been tapped as a philosophy instructor for Yoga teacher training programs and has conducted a variety of workshops and seminars through yoga studios and other private venues. Since 1998, Dr. Casey has sojourned to northern India and the Himalayas seven times as a teacher, student, pilgrim, and guide.

Introduction to Arm Balancing with Shelly Scott

Saturday, June 14, 1:30-3:30p l


Join Shelly Scott for a fun and informative workshop on techniques and options to get into some arm balances and inversions. It’s a great step after the Breaking Down the Vinyasa Workshop but not required.
Shelly will offer some tips and safely guide you into poses such as Crow and Side Crow (Bakasana and Parsva Bakasana), plank variations (Vasistasana) and a couple of different vaiations of headstand (Sirsasana). Learn how the slightest adjustment can help you get into the pose. As always safety and allignment being the number one priority.
Note taking is encouraged.

Fermented Foods Workshop

With Alana and Lani Bray, Saturday, June 28, 2:30-4:30p: $35/Free for those on the 12 Day Clean Eating Program.

fermented foods 4

Did you know that most of the illnesses afflicting our population today are actually a reflection of an imbalance in the gut? The key to health of the intestine is the balance of intestinal microflora, which can be achieved by consuming fermented foods. Unlike expensive probiotic suppliments bought at the store, they can easily and affordably be made at home, with simple igredients to promote robust inner ecology for your entire family. In this workshop we will talk about new research relating fermented food to improved health, answer any questions you may have, talk about factors that inhibit the intestines from functioning properly, learn how to incorporate cultured foods into your family’s diet (especially for the picky eaters), make your own batch of cultured vegetables to take home and feed to your family. Please bring your own cutting board, cutting knife, and large bowl, everything else will be provided.


12 Day Clean Eating for Optimal Health and Wellness

July 14-25, $175/$145 for YB Members

Summer is Here!
 Join Yoga Bound’s, Alana Bray Barrey and Kristina Kuzmich for the Summer 12 Day Clean Eating for Optimal Health & Wellness Program 
 Get Clear, Empowered and Love Life Fully!
Monday, July 14 – Friday, July 25, 2014
This 12 day raw & whole foods, clean eating and nutrient packed cleanse is designed to set your body on the right track for the Summer season – detoxifying + cleansing the body, mind and spirit.
What You Get!
  • Yoga Bound’s 12 Day Clean Eating for Optimal Health & Wellness Manual & Recipe Book
  • Daily networking support specific to the group
  • Daily meditation practice
  • Journaling (new journal provided for you)
  • Accountability partner to keep you on track
  • Complimentary yoga for new students to Yoga Bound
  • 3 workshops

Workshops Included:

  • Fermented Foods Workshop with Alana
  • Welcome/Gathering with Alana + Kristina
  • Mellow Flow + Restoratives with Kristina followed by a Final Group Potluck!
What are you waiting for?
 Join us to…
– Get clear on your path + your living intentions
– Learn how to eat healthy with proper food combinations
– Detox + Cleanse + Create A Clean Lifestyle of Eating
– Meet new people and share in the journey
– Deepen your practice on and off the yoga mat
– Have fun!
$145 for YB Members*
*Members please sign up at the studio for your discount. Members are either on a 6 month or 12 month auto pay contract with Yoga Bound. No other discounts may apply to package.