New To Yoga?

Welcome!  Here are some answers to common questions when first starting the yoga path. Feel free to call us if we have not addressed some of your concerns or questions!

What Classes Should I Begin With?

At Yoga Bound, we offer all yoga class levels.

Level 1:  Yoga Therapy, Gentle Vinaysa Yoga, SmartFLOW 1

Level 1/2: Vinyasa, SmartFLOW 1/2

Level 2: Vinyasa, SmartFLOW 2, Yoga Bound Recess

On the schedule, each class will specify its level so that you may choose what may be best for your practice. We suggest if you have never practiced yoga before to begin with any of our Level 1 classes. This is a great way to learn some basic postures, breath work and the overall idea of a typical yoga class. As the levels increase, the pace and amount of postures in a sequence increases.

How Early Should I arrive before class starts? 

If you have never been to the studio before, arrive 10-15 minutes early to meet the teacher, fill out our new student form, sign up for class and of course get answers to any questions you may have. You will also be delighted to know that there is an outdoor garden where you can sit and enjoy complimentary tea before or after class.

What should I bring to my first Yoga class?

  • Yoga Mat (available for rent)
  • Wear clothing you are comfortable to move and exersize in
  • Water (optional)
  • Hand towel (optional)
  • Your smiling, happy face!

What if I’m not flexible?

Everyone is born flexible, and the soft tissues (everything except the bones) stays plyable througought life. It is just the ups and downs of life that tighten you up. Those who are not flexible are ideal canidates to begin a Yoga practice. Here you will learn how to properly create more and more flexibility each time you come. Before you know it, life inside your body will be fluid, easy and softly strong. You won’t be able to imagine life without Yoga.

How is coming to this Yoga studio different from going to Yoga at a gym?

Here at Yoga bound our focus is one thing: Your Yoga practice. Each of our instructors pay close attention to your allignment, safety and comfort in the class. They are creativly inspired and spiritually invogorated when teaching you so that coming here is an experience of Yoga, so much more than just a run of the mill Yoga class. How you move consciously on your Yoga mat and in your life is our top priortiy. We carefully choose the words we use, the music we play and the postures we teach so that coming to this space energizes your soul and inspires your day, everyday you are here.

Is Yoga a religion?

Many people believe that Yoga is a spiritual practice, and because of that, it gets misunderstood as a religion. Everyone is welcome here. What you believe is not relevant. We believe that a spiritual practice is time you take each day for yourself. Coming to Yoga Bound is the time you take out of your day to nuture you. In that way Yoga is more than just exersize, it becomes a spiritual practice, but not a religion.

What if everyone in the class is better than me?

Everyone in the class started out as a first timer at some point. At the same time, everyone in the class is there for themselves and only concerned about the space within their mat. In other words, no one is watching you, except the teacher to make sure you are being safe with your movements. All the teachers are carefully instructed to make sure that every class is designed with first-timers in mind, and to choose the words and pace of the class so that everyone can follow along and enjoy their experience. This is a space where there is no judgement and no competition. There is just you, your mat, your body, breath, the Yoga, teachers words and music. The hardest part is getting here….so what are you waiting for?

What do I get from Yoga?

Change your body, change your life. Most people begin Yoga because they want to loose weight, relieve stress, become more flexible and in general be more healthy. Good news! This all happens with consistent practice. You move, breathe, engage muscles, stretch limbs, create space inside, and basically give yourself everything you forgot about during the day in just one Yoga class. Practicing an activity of being well for an hour or so each day, you start to live and feel well the more the activity becomes a consistency in your life. Because you are taking time to be kind to yourself and give your body what it needs, it responds very well, and your body and skin not only starts to look different to you and others, but it will feel different from inside out. Please read below for a beautiful response from my Teacher answering Why Yoga….

Why Yoga?

Sherry Brourman, P.T, E-RYT and author of Walk Yourself Well, could not have said it better…

“The yoga secret is in it’s inherent power to take you away and turn your lights on inside. If you aren’t coming from a sport or an art form where you’ve experienced some of that through another lens, it can be a rough ride off the starting line. You get consumed and frightened by all the directions that the teachers spout out like they’re normal. There are, and will always be folks who are more accomplished than you, but somehow at the beginning, it can feel like that’s all you can see; people who look like they’re natural born gumbies breathing deeply with ease. They look and feel like they’re actually comfortable in their bodies. They seem to either embody or bring up every one of your physical and material insecurities which, I can’t say will completely go away, but lessen, soften and become hilarious, they will, for sure. And the truly accomplished yoginis (person who is practicing any aspect or small or large number of yoga postures regularly) become pure inspiration and open your eyes and your heart to your own competitive nature. This all turns out to be good, helping you to face many truths in an environment where, everybody’s doing that. I don’t know where exactly we all got the idea we were supposed to be perfect so much so that it takes bulldozers to let us see our frailties, but somehow, when you do it through yoga, it feels possible, lighthearted and life-affirming.

Finally, you get to the actual learning of the breathing techniques and the postures.(or any modifications necessary to make your body comfy in the process) This is easy compared to all the human stuff that’s already surfaced so naturally, just by moving onto a yoga mat. It’s also wonderful in that all of the basic physical elements in the very first pose you learn (Tadasana which means Mountain Pose) apply to every single posture that exists in yoga. As you learn, your body may ache. Yoga will most likely bring to the surface every darn injury you’ve ever had, so you get to re-experience those. But then, in a long delicious process, you unravel, stretch gently, strengthen slowly and the kinks get dealt with, imposing themselves less on your yoga or any of your other movements in your daily regular world. However subtly or even unconsciously these were finding their way into your body, you become more in charge of them, and less at the effect of them. This is a process that can take years, and you come to learn, the longer the better, the deeper are the lessons.

The reason that I feel so sure of all of this body balancing potential, is that these asanas (postures…poses…all mean the same thing) are kinesiologically or mechanically brilliant. I don’t know how the ancients conceived of these specific poses so long (like 5000 years) before we had the knowledge to understand how technically brilliant they were, but they did. By combining them in various ways, you can not only focus well on any particular structural aim, i.e. a spine strengthening and flexibility day, a shoulder strength and flexibility day, a breathing day, a hip day, but you can come into a practice with a mental or emotional or spiritual anchor, something you need to process, just set that intention, and then ease it to the back burner while you practice. By the end, there is actually some resolution. You do it in your subconscious mind which, I have come to believe, is very much smarter than your conscious mind.

You see the thing is, body balance, that is, how we manage these beautiful machines with gravity always always pulling down, is body balance. Whether we are sitting to write, driving, eating, spinning on the ice, hitting a tennis ball, walking or in the most complex yoga posture that exists, these learnable engineering principles are exactly the same. The beauty of that is, once you get this, and you can…I mean, everyone can get this, you get to sail away, or in, to where your inside lights are the brightest. This is the part that is said to be a spiritual journey, and don’t be mislead or frightened by these words. It is not a cult or specific religious following, rather a way into your self and some will call this your soul, and it is from this place, that your love will grow. Did I mention that that is the point? Of Yoga, I mean.

Imagine getting to combine your health, your inner peace, your ability to focus, reason and respond, (as opposed to being frightened and reactive all the time) and, make the best friends of your life. Because people drawn to this, are drawn to real growth, and you end up feeling like fellow earthlings, humbled, floating and graveling through together. This is Yoga.”